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Wiley’s Chicken Jerky – 1 Lb. bag

Wiley’s Chicken Jerky – 1 Lb. bag


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The crowing jewel of Wiley’s product line, we give you Wiley’s Chicken Jerky.  These chickens are hand fed angel tears by virgins!  These chickens are so free range they spend a year abroad before starting university!  These chickens use too many exclamation points!  (2 out of three of the last statements are completely false!).

But seriously, we have developed a process that lets you easily portion our product on the fly.  No more sitting around the kitchen table for hours with your pruning sheers just trying to get this stuff portioned.    This product is entirely made in the USA – from egg to pooch – All American! It is NOT your typical chicken jerky and breaks very easily to give you precise portions. I mean look at the picture of this stuff – it’s an inspired jerky!  We love all of our kids here at Wiley’s treats, but this is the one that’s going to be taking care of us when we’re old.  The one that you put the oxygen mask on first when the plane starts a rapid descent.  We LOVE this stuff.

Ingredients: chicken breast

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4.75 × 13.5 in


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