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Wiley’s Turkey Snaps – 4 oz. bag

Wiley’s Turkey Snaps – 4 oz. bag


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Ingredients: turkey, that’s it!

Wiley’s Turkey Snaps are made with meat from locally owned, humane Northern California farms raised on a vegetarian, hormone and antibiotic-free diet. These are good birds!

We carefully dehydrate these healthy turkey gizzards into great snaps and hand carved the snap into perfect portions that can be easily separated with little crumble. They are great for training and were developed for dog sports such as agility. It can be Thanksgiving for your dog year-round with these treats!

“But every company says their treats are great for training,” you say.  Why yes, yes they do, we even do on other product descriptions right here on this site.  Through our dehydrating process, carefully honed over the last decade, we have made a product that magically portions easily. When Wiley is being good, he gets a wee bit of chicken.  When Wiley is being great, he gets a bigger piece of chicken.  When Wiley just saved Tokyo from Godzilla . . . you get it. Clean breaks means no crumbs falling on the ground and distracting your dog. Our Turkey Snaps snap with few crumbs, leaving your pups snoot pointing at you and not carpet mining for missed bits.

• Everyday treat for all dogs
• Great for training – no crumbs and portion well

PS: If you’ve been buying Wiley’s Treats for awhile, you may remember these Turkey Snaps by their old name, “Turkey Bark.” It’s the same product, just in in a rounded ‘snap’ shape. (It turns out that the process we invented to make Turkey Bark is pretty destructive to our aging backs so we had to change the shape.)

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 6.5 × 3.5 in


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