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Wiley’s Beef Jerky – 1 Lb. bag

Wiley’s Beef Jerky – 1 Lb. bag


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Wiley’s Beef Jerky – the most frustrating product that we’ve made to date.  We’re good with chicken – it’s the canvas that we paint a million dreams on.  But beef, especially just sliced beef, that’s a completely different process than what we are used to.  We tried doing it without any additives and it came out great but spoiled in record time.  Then we tried cooking it longer and we were successful at creating the most expensive shoe leather around.  That stuff was tough.  Then, we got humble and asked for help from the greater beef community.  A great bunch of folks told us we needed celery powder and sea salt.  The celery powder helps balance Ph and is a natural antimicrobial and the salt is a curing agent to act as backup in keeping down any spoilers.  We use less than 1% of each of the celery powder and sea salt and it has worked out great!  Leave the cooking to us and let your pup enjoy all that is beef.

Ingredients: beef, celery powder and sea salt

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 9 × 13.5 × 4.75 in


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